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Individual Sessions

Resolving long-standing emotions and inner conditions 

Individual sessions are in-depth personal interactions that allow for deep releases and healing of old wounds of body-mind. You may seek these sessions for being directionless to aim to break through the inertia in your life. Or to find freedom from long-standing conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, self-harm, M.E etc.

I have had clients with grief or getting bullied in the workplace, or generally hating their job.


It’s not about how big or small the problem you have. The solutions are straightforward and within reach. 

I get straight to the underlying energy that runs the theme of suffering in your life.  I shine awareness on it, which blasts off the iceberg of the energetic construct.  This causes resolution. The space occupied by that energy becomes available and aligned with your true dharma. Which is naturally fulfilling for you

Some come for feuding siblings or bickering bosses. Some have financial lack; some have a funny relationship with food; some are wounded soldiers that have sought peace for far too long. The list goes on. The problems are complex, but the solutions are simple. 

If you are willing to find solutions the simplest way to get the maximum out of your time with me is to receive what the transmission does.


Most are amazed at the life-changing effects of a straightforward and casual-sounding interaction.

These sessions are in person, over Zoom. The session is an hour-long

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