"Since our shaktipat, I feel peace in our home. I am noticing that I am not shouting so much at children,  they don't give  me reason to. My daughter loved the energy.  I am feeling generally positive, its a new for me as childen are not fighting as before.  As if a  wave of peace has swept over us. I notice a shift in their attitude towards studies. I know my worries about my children are over. I can finally relax.Thank you so much!"   

Martha, Newcastle



I met up with  my ex last Saturday. I am amazed how I could keep myself together. I said  things and he heard me out. There was no drama, no mud-slinging. I did not feel raw . I could not stop noticing that his reactions were different. That was odd. Now I  can see how my own fear shaped that relationship. I feel I have managed to put it behind me.  I feel free of my own past. I feel free, I can fly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Angela, Swansea



"Ruby, I am so grateful for what you have done for me. I can eat cheese, cream, cooked sugar, chocolate, icecream, everything. After 13 years of allergies and reactions to all things yummy. I can eat what I like! Yeehaa! When I have cheese on toast, I think of you. It only took  us  20 minutes - the headaches, the sickness, the whole food thing just went.

I am just enjoying small pleasures of life again. Thanks"

Nigel, Carmarthen



"Ruby, Something pretty amazing happened about a week after Shaktipat, I went into  an emotional crisis. Everything was bleak. In the middle of that darkness my entire body burst into love. I saw myself only as love. I am this to begin with and I return to this. In the meantime whatever happens in life, this love is who I really am. Now I keep feeling what is everyone fussing about? Its all a game! It has taken  all seriousness and puposeness out of it. Cool eh?



Hi Ruby, I have lots of time freed up. My house is feeling light and bigger. Tons of clutter has cleared itself. I know, I  moved it, sorted it and got rid of it but honestly it feels as if  it is happening on its own. I can't believe how much is happening around here yet  I have all" the time in the world! I am chuffed! Again it feels so natural. As if its always been like this. I can't even tune back into how I was before Shaktipat.  But I know I wasn't this chilled and efficient.

I am looking forward to what else grace brings" Susan Morrison, Swansea


"I intended my mariage to improve, when I called you.  The morning after  Shaktipat, we had an aguement. It lasted literally 5 minutes.We got distracted by the door bell. Then we forgot to carry on with our business. previously it would still be going tea time! I am noticing lots of small things like that. I feel settled in my marriage in a very long time. I know it is solid. Amazing how gace pulled me to get in touch.

Many thanks", Nia Murray , Bimingham 


 "Hello Ruby

I am generally at peace now, all the things we spoke about don't keep pressing me down anymore. I do forget what we spoke about, but I remember it was a heck of a lot. I feel differently towards my issues. They don't feel real anymore. They don't feel mine anymore. I tried to keep them but they slipped through my fingers. Lucky me. Thank you so much Ruby. Very grateful for how things are shaping" Trisha Douglas


 "My work has flourished since Shaktipat. What ever happened to the credit crunch! Thanks and thanks again Ruby" Agnes Holland, Swindon


 Hello Ruby

I am now left wondering what was all that about, what was I worried about! I can't tune into my issues. It freaked me out a bit to be honest with you. but I am amazed how I could 'see' for the first time in my life that  my issues and feelings are not 'Me'. I wanted to share so many shifts, so many of them! but I forget as I try to write. All I can say is the hell is shifting to heaven. So much of it shifts everyday and I watch it with amazement. I agree with you dross is burning away, oh for sure! xx    Elaine Maxwell, Croydon


Hi Ruby

Just have to tell you this, I have been offered a job after 2 years of being made redundant. I wasn't expecting that!! 6 days after Shaktipat. I am starting this monday. can't wait! Hugs and kisses, thank you thank you thank you.xxx

Joanna Knight, Milton Keynes



Dear Ruby
Thank you for Saturday! (also for your email and guide book) Synchronicity indeed
I am feeling very calm today and have been mostly feeling like this since Saturday. I had a big row with my youngest daughters on Sunday evening but it seems to have been a cleansing storm and everything is very relaxed now.

The issues with my partner have faded and been replaced with a new contentment and togetherness.

I finished 10 sessions of therapy in March which is part of my Counselling Diploma and I am supposed to have 30 more before next July as part of gaining my qualification. I have experienced some resistance to more counselling and in fact that is what I talked of during my sessions....that I felt I'd had had enough of delving into my story, so it is interesting to hear your take on it and realise that it wasn't resistance but common sense!

Anyway.... I will print out your guidebook and I would like to embark on the whole journey with you. I do believe the finances will improve to pay for it, as I am regulary being asked if I work privately when counselling clients for a voluntary organisation.

So things are changing!  Thank you again....I'll be in touch    Much love Caroline xxx



Hi Ruby

Thought I’d just let you know that after last night I slept so soundly woke up naturally without the alarm clock going off, (I actually woke up laughing !!) there was no shouting at the kids they both just woke up and got dressed.

I have been struggling today with a tight chest and I have no concentration at work the only downside so far, but I’m feeling in a positive frame of mind. I even got a text from my ex and usually I would text back & it would of blown up into some massive argument via text instead I read it and let it go. No response. That felt good.

Thank You so much

Karen x

Well, here I am. I have read the book and I'm sure I should have some questions, pertinent observations etc. However, I "get it" I feel very happy, blissful even and have seen a huge difference in the way the drama of the business affectsme - or rather doesn't! In many ways I think I was at this point anyway and contact with you has just brought this into sharp relief. I have had moments of brain telling me this is just brain washing, and so it is I guess, but it's washing the brain clean . Do I need to do anything else? I don't know, I don't know if I need further shaktipat, maybe it would reinforce how I feel. I feel awakened, but maybe that is an illusion and maybe that is ok?
Love and blessingsKate
Hi Ruby
It was a real pleasure &  joy to speak with you today......good fun too !! :-)And although you may not fit my mind's expectation of what enlightenment should appear to be, something within recognises you as truth - As a pure, undiluted, unobstucted, wild, free, untameable expression of life itself
Non-conformist, naked, humble, gentle, all powerful 

A destroyer of illusion and delusion. I sense an "unshackling" to take place within me, a freedom from "bondage - An explosion into my self beginning...I Love you my friend as I love myself...no difference. As one.

I recognise you in me...as me

As one, the destroyer of concept, belief, knowledge, illusion, separation, 'me'

Namaste, love and blessings Dharam -  Cardiff  1, Sep 2011


 Hello Ruby Ji
Yes,everything is fine here :-) The search for "enlightenment/liberation" seems to have fallen away at the moment. It does'nt seem to matter as much anymore. I'm aware that it was just a story going on in the head. A story that I had somehow separated from my true nature and had to become enlightened to once again regain my true nature.
Although,it can creep back in due to habit!
A dismantling of beliefs,conditioning,programming. An emptying out of concepts. Just remembering to simply be
The urge still exists to meet you in person.

 19, Sep 2011

Dear Ruby,

Thank you so much for the amazing weekend, what can I say?
My head has been quieter than usual, feeling mellow and a little spaced out/detached, in a nice way. Am looking forward to more discoveries (or perhaps no more discoveries?)

In terms of music - somehow I have been drawn to listening to Muse, which is not something I expected! Especially the song Bliss which reminds me of you :-) Do you know it? http://muse.mu/media-player/singles/14/bliss/

Am attaching a few pictures

With love and gratitude

Your "Lazy Bugger"

 Hi Ruby
I have noticed changes, bad habits. Are losing their hold over me such as drinking to excess to escape suffering. Ihave experienced moments of overwhelming joy for no apparent reason, I catch myself with big silly grins on my face in public from time to time but they are not just facial they feel as though they are coming from somewhere really deep. Then there are times of despair when I feel I have lost my thread and I fear that I won't get it back and that my old suffering will just carry on, I am really excited, but that also brings impatience which I know is a barrier. I am sleeping better, Iam learning to stay with emotion and feel it in my body
instead of in my head
which is so simple and so powerful
Thank you Ruby for this gift, I know I am on my way home to my true nature, I am both scared and
excited I just hope I get there.

Please keep in touch my friend
With Love

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Monday, 26 September 2011, 23:49

Message Body

Dear Ruby and beyond,
I too am very pleased the we hung around for each other.
I have found it very difficult to function today after meeting you and receiving shaktipat yesterday ( I did not even know what this was at the time). I have found it difficult to think, speak or communicate/relate 'naturally' today.
A realization has come to me this evening, which has quite stopped me in my tracks...I had asked in my prayers and meditation for a teacher in spirit to help me to take my next step. I have never fully accepted any teacher in the physical world because my spirit wouldn't let me- it has not felt safe or right and I have been disappointed in the past. Our meeting and my response to you was a major suprise to me - yet I feel you as 'Ruby and beyond' - in Spirit, yet more, and a physical presence. My soul, my spirit responded to you.
This probably sounds a bit garbled, but perhaps we were drawn together.
Thank you again
Love, Ceri x

Hi Ruby,
I am reading the manual you sent us every day and Ruby, thanks so much because it is really spot on, I love the way you write, it's so down to earth and practical and I can
imagine you saying it, so much is shifting and I just want to thank you.
love Saraxx (Saundersfoot)

Hi Ruby

Thank you!! It all makes sense now and I know what to do and will do all you suggested. It all seems like common sense when you tell me but I've realised how easily I get caught up in the story! Thank you for your help and support.

There have been lots of positive things happen I would like to share with you:

finally got rid of all my journals I'd kept since 2003 documenting my past.
have deleted my subscriptions to all self help newsletters
started to compile all my self help books into a pile (are lots!) and have found a buyer so I get rid of them and get paid for it too!
Have finally decluttered all old coursework, bills,paperwork and letters, cards etc
binned my angel/tarot cards and have no desire to ever have or offer readings ever again
have had this urgent need to clean and tidy the inside and outside of my home and couldn't rest until it was all done
have found I'm very relaxed about my appearance and no longer obsessed with being a certain size or shape and my eating seems to have regulated itself
I'm loving the freedom of not having to meditate, fix me or read more self help ;-)

I'm so grateful you came to this path and because of you and your desire it's giving me and people like me a chance to really live and get out of the prison we've been living in.

LvAlisha x

Hi Ruby
thanks for the shaktipat e-course.Things are shifting of course.
Much love
Sara, Pembroke

FROM:lynn TO: ruby rryan MessWednesday, 26 October 2011, 18:31

Message Body

Hi Ruby,
I felt drawn to send you an update so here it is.
Thank you so much for the shaktipat last Friday and the course material.
During the Shaktipat with you I felt Divine Grace pour into me and after I felt every emotion under the sun but only for a few seconds. It felt as though I was having a thorough emotional cleansing. Since then I have felt a little disorientated but that has cleared over the past couple of days and I am definitely feeling calm and more peaceful abut everything. I realise and am so grateful that Divine Grace has been there all the time and always will be.
I cancelled the rest of the sessions EFT sessions I had booked!
speak to you soon
love Lynn 
Hi Ruby

Was so good to finally meet you in person!! Your so funny, it was really uplifting spending time with you. It was amazing - we were buzzing and laughing all day. Thank you. On the sunday after we left you I had this sudden feeling of complete bliss and joy and being content with everything in my life. 
Theres something very powerful about your presence and things start to click into place. It's made me feel I can let go of my preconceived ideas about pretty much everything and just set my intention for doing work that fulfills me but let go of the form it will take. 

I got my first coaching client in years yesterday who booked multiple sessions without having met me and I havent had a client for ages!!!!
People seem more fun and friendlier and Im laughing and having more fun. The people issue I mentoned before - all gone ;-) Ive lost the fear of what they think etc
My niece contacted me out of the blue - shes never done this.
IN general I feel more at peace and am exercising - yoga daily and love it.So all in all things are good
Have a lovely weekend
Love A x

Hi Ruby,

guess I'm not as 'blissed' as my wife. yes i have read enough to know not to compare my expereince with others, what I do know is that I feel less worried with life and am taking things with an equanamity that i never had before, although still have trouble maintaining my good vibrations when 'life' intervenes with feelings of lack of money and the worry associated with it. sometimes its hard to believe that it'll be all right. Guess I'm a bit of a cynic and have a default setting of resistance - never sure why this is although I do resist being told what to do, even when i 'know' it'll be good for me, its a bit reminiscent of my parents using the "it'll do you good" when they wanted me to do things that I didn't want to do!!!

Anyway my expereince of receiving Shaktipat was a feeling of icy coldness blowing over my brain, and afterwards being better able to put things into perspective and 'not sweat the small stuff - and its all small stuff'
Mark, Saundersfoot
 Hello Ruby!
  It's cooking like some big stew simmering away on the stove!!
Well I was unwell for about a week and surprised myself by shouting and swearing at a work colleague. I am laughing now how I just said ' nothing to do with me' after my initial horror of doin that at work!! I also had a few minor accidents! In fact I went through so many emotions I wanted to email you and also resort to techniques ( like a drug ).
Of course all along I was thinking wow it's strong stuff this shaktipat!!! So this grace is slowly infusing my consciousness and old patterns are slipping away.everytime something arises I welcome it and open my heart to it.
There is increasing feeling of gratitude for the smallest things. I have had a few pleasant surprises too. It definitely helps just to get out of the way. I can see how I was blocking myself with an almost constant critique!

I was turned down for a job on Friday and this morning I just started organising myself for self employment. I have a can do attitude again and today my book I started eons ago just came to mind and I was running this little dialogue with the characters I created. And music ... I had difficulty listening lately and certainly not playing or singing now I listen and I sink into it and feel blissed out! Whatever it is!!!

So the hotpot is cooking nicely and I am content to let it simmer! I had an idea about coming for a one day retreat with you just to chill so
I put it in the pot and see what happens. That's what I am doing more of - putting in the pot and imagining the sumptuous flavours developing on my palette.
So thank you dear Ruby.
Love love love
Sara xx
  thanks Ruby.
  I am starting to get an idea of this vibration.  You make it all so clear and what you do covers everything.  I've read books about manifesting, but it's all out of context & seems to encourage greed rather than balance -it's just about one thing rather than the whole person.

So, on my walk this morning.  I was really celebrating the beauty all round me & I was so in the flow feeling really empowered.   Some people were wishing each other a happy new year, they didn't notice me.  Before I'd have felt excluded - always the odd one out.  But you know, it just didn't touch me, I was in my own bubble of joy.
I find I'm doing more things (slowly).  My previous tendency has been to be enthusiastic, but to get overwhelmed with depression and de-motivation, powerlessness & be unable to get anything done.
 I actually mended a hole in the wall.  I looked up you tube for how to do it and then bought the stuff and fixed it!  Wow.  I can do so much if I don't keep plunging into depressions and fear - which of course is what this powerful stuff you do is really helping me with.

I remember as a child when I was brought up as a Christian, that I had a crush on Jesus - i thought he was just the coolest, and I spoke to him all the time, like my best friend/parent.  But as I grew up I lost all that and got so cynical about religion.  You are giving me that back; that I can have a personal relationship with divine, universal power - it all makes so much sense to me.
thank you
Ann, Aberdeen
 Hi Ruby
Happy New Year!!!
Something amazing seems to be happening all by itself - even when I might be feeling a little sad another part comes in and I find I'm being silly, playful and laughing for no reason and actually enjoying myself without trying. Nothing seems to keep me down for long. I just can't feel like I used to!!! When thoughts come into my head, they don't linger and I become aware it's just a story and can't be bothered to engage with them and then there gone!!

So it's all good and things are changing all the time. I'm so grateful your there and help me stay out of the story and helped show me the way ;-)
Love Angelina x

Hi Ruby
Just wanted to say thank you for the mastery course.  It has been a most interesting last week - very up and down, but mind blowing in places. 
The first night I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night.  I had this overwhelming feeling that I was something else, difficult to describe.  I just was, sort of the frame work not the picture in it.  I had a feeling of standing next to God and that we were very tall and powerful.  It was an awesome feeling.  It sort of faded over the next day and then has petered out.  Will this return?
Quite a few feelings of irritation, anger and fear but these have abated as I have just gone with them.  A problem that I have been struggling with for quite a few years, came clear yesterday too.  Marvellous!  Only done one meditation so far and can't believe what has happened, very exciting! 
Thank you so much
Love Vanessa x

Hello Ruby
Just a quick note to say I am loving every second of the course!! Thank you tons, I am in such a good place, a far better one than I ever felt was possible!
Rebecca X

Hi Ruby

Thought I would update you a little bit. Never had a shift in clarity in counseling just talking about the loops. I wish I was making that up but I am not
We got done in two skype sessions more than my counselor did in two years. Definite shift like I feel like there is more breathing room, more clarity. I still feel stuck but but there is also this feeling of a way out. so thats progress. - Justin A. New York