Satsang vacation

What is Satsang vacation?

Satsang is the company of Truth, vacation - because it is a vacation from your cerabral/habitual/conditioned/mechanical way of living. It is opening to the unknown. Its entering of the heart-madness. The sweet madness of heart-which seems mad to mind but is the only wisdom there is.  Entering the universal heart. Vacation it is, beyond methods - pure living, being, enjoying, opening, relaxing, giggling, emptying out concepts,emotions; ideas and stuff and non-sense that gets in the way of living.  

How did the 5 day satsang vacation decided to happen?

During the first two weekend retreats at the start of this year,it entered my awareness that the usual energy of satsang weekend has become several times more powerful and that the human onsciousness stuck in separative, mine-thine, comparison, ownership etc etc is transforming itself to ONE -Heart. This leap of consciousness has a sense of urgency about it. It has become clear that the way we relate to each other is about to change...dramatically. Its not hanging about! The participants began to recognise the urgency as well as the "ancient feel" to this refreshingly, new energy. It can be best described as- sat-yuga energy ushering in at satsang. 

Sat yuga is the Golden Age in Hindu tradition. It is the era of Truth

The magnitude of the shift from head to heart is so immense that a weekend is just not enough to squeeze it all in.

What it is like at satsang vacation?

5 day satsang vacation is fun yet profound teaching camoflaged in seemingly casual chit chat takes place. It is unlearning at       many many levels. Spontaneous letting go of mental/emotional hooks, concepts, defenses, stategies begin to take place. Subtle traps and deepest layers of mind-cunningness,  hidden agendas of ego get exposed and are clearly seen for what they are. In that they transform. As fear based living completely hits your awareness, an unpinching of heart takes place. Defense -strategies of mind depart. The sense of separation that drives you begins to thaw. Meanness of human head, mine-thine, greed, competition, ownership, separative patterns begin to fall away. As you empty out of learnt crap, the  Unknown begins to flood into you. Being in presence of a living Buddha - plain normal living, casual and utterly informal- cooking eating, laughing, sprwaled in front of telly, baking bread, walking, loving animals, just lazing around in dressing gowns( sometimes all day!) - something begins to stir at the very core of you. Something changes...

Ruby's presence is soothing as the illusion of your  separative "i" begins to come undone. The dross begins to burn with grace and pure gold begins to shine, her loving presence makes it easy and fun.  Most people after being at satsang vacation report that true life only begins once their personal agendas merge with the will of the Unknown.

Innocence of heart begins to replace the complexity of mind. Life as a result becomes simple

...for the first time you begin to feel that life is enough unto itself. Reality begins to dawn, slowly but surely

Who can attend?

It is open to all who are already doing the Mastery course. If you wish to attend 5 day satsang vacation, please  book the Mastery course.

It is also possible to attend a satsang vacaation for 7 days.

This energy is intense, powerful, annihilator of divisionary perceptions, ownership, personal agendas- and is incredibly sweet and full of devotion for the SELF. 


Living with Guru on a 5 day vacation is like nothing else. You get way more than you could start to imagine. Doing seemingly ‘ordinary’ things is all part of the immense teaching that takes place whilst you are in her presence.

  Being with you has completely changed my life, my awareness and consciousness has been ever expanding from the first moment I met you allowing me to see the subtle and not so subtle veils of perception, personal agendas, habits and much more. Before meeting you I was over 20 stone and just from coming to Satsang & seeing that I was carrying around so much guilt which was quite literally weighing me down…now that weight is dissolving and I didn’t even have to do anything – totally incredible. Not only that, but I was having major problems with my teeth and being in your presence has meant my teeth are now like new – strong, white and gleaming.

  Living with Guru is THE best experience of my 26 years of life. I have a new zest for life, work, relationships and family.  As a result of Guru’s Grace & compassion,  devotion  floods & drowns you. 

In front of Guru I was ‘naked’.  You brought things into my awareness I was trying to hide from myself. To begin with I was resisting the passing energy which things which made it feel worse however opening the heart and allowing whatever was happening to happen - patterns were seen and in that they were gone – so easy & simple.

The energy shifts that take place are incredible – my whole body shook & vibrated as a result of seeing certain patterns that I had collected over the years. It may sound strange but rather than learning a lot, there was a lot of unlearning cutting concepts away that were holding me back.

Being with you is like being in a furnace, dross is burnt and frees up space for the Unknown to flood in.




Dear Guruji

I have been wanting to send you this ever since I left the satsang, It seems it has taken me till now, about 3 weeks to get over the tiredness and feeling dis-oriented-(all in a good way!)

Anyway the reason I write is to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for "everything". You gave so much during my time with you, you gave and gave and gave-completely with pure love, unconditionally. I have never experienced anyone giving in that way and you never got tired or irritable-infact you still had the same level of energy irrespective of lack of sleep. You are something else. the real real the real macoy!!

I got tired taking- no one's ever been so loving and incredible in that tireless manner with me ever! I did nothing-it all just happened by itself!. Everything about you is amazing pure, beautiful, real and to just sit and bask in your beautiful presence is pure utter bliss.

I had no expectation. I just knew it needed to happen. With your grace my heart opened and I got to know surrender-it just happened. I felt every emotioin possible in those 5 days, intense heart breaking yet beautiful in a unique way. I felt utter fear, lonliness, despair and yet it was gone in minutes.

I can't explain what does happen in those 5 days other than to say it changed me, my life and I found what I was looking for my entire life.

I cried, I had so much fun, I laughed till I cried again. It was/is the best time I have ever had with anyone and love was present in every second.

Even if the datails are hazy now, love remains, devotion keeps getting deeper , more surrender keeps happening

With all my love

Nina xxx