Online Retreats with Ruby are ongoing events.
Never in the human history we have been forced to stay home and shun social life, at a global scale. Our self indulgence in rushing around all over the globe is equally unprecedented in the entire human history. So it is like nature has decided to stop in our tracks, and on an individual spiritual quest- that is exactly what needs to happen, for any significant progress to happen.
We have been rushed off our feet.  just existing out of habitual patterns with no real engagement with life. Time to Stop, pause, reflect  gather and purge of unnecessary internal and external noise
Covid-19 has opened an opportunity for the entire humanity to reconnect within. 
This opening, if embraced and allowed with intelligence, can veer the whole humanity in a positive direction.
This is a grand opening to engage with the internal drama of emotions, thoughts, psychological projections and the out of control  internal narrative that runs non stop.
Time to stay in dive within...and enter the freedpm and happiness that lies unclaimed
Devi-Initiation online retreat- has decided to take place in response to what role women must play now in order to put some sense, perspective and balance into this mindless system that has been created by unconscious forces. 
'Devi' is a woman's forgotten essence. Its time to simplify the priorities to comprehend. reconnect and shine the DEVI (Goddess) at the very core of you...and more importantly you will embody that principle in your day to daylife as you play the role of a mother, wife, companion, partner, employee, employer, teacher, healer, creator... 
Without understanding and embodying the Feminine Dharma the female experience is reduced to being a victim or a fighter against oppression. It is reduced to being sorry, burdened, defensive or just too aggressive and offensive. It is totally out of sync with her true essence, consequently not only women, but the whole society suffers
When the woman begins to remember her true dharma and essence, she causes a Mega energetic shift to rebalance the dysfunctional society
Women alone, can save this planet and humanity, but only when they come to embody their own SHAKTI, failing that, women remain part of the problem, and never the solution.
The creative force that the feminine dharma is, needs to be understood, energetic obstacles in its way cleared, emotional chaos cleansed, so that the Woman can lead, not as a leader, but as a light and energy that can create, nurture and heal...and equally importantly,  break defunct patterns of greed, mine-thine, selfish agendas, narrow mindedness and selfishness. She becomes a force unto HERSELF. 
An empowered woman is dependent on no one, but is interdependent with the entire existence. She can give, give...and give some more, because she is receptive. She is embodiment of paradoxes of life. gentle and kind, yet nobody's subordinate, a replica of nature's own force, psychologically an entity unto herself, yet humble, grounded, profound yet light of heart, loving, yet not needy. giving and receiving freely. self aware, yet oblivious of her separate self.
This is a ten day online retreat that awakens you to your Shakti-essence. It is an energetic happening, not just teaching of 'cool ideas' to honour feminine etc
You receive daily material in your email. the words are infused with grace and benediction and move you forward in real time, unhooking you from limiting stuff, shining  awareness on subterfuge  patterns, thoughts, functionalities....and a ton more
 5 Group calls.  All attendees receive Shaktipat, question-answers, and lots of amazing stuff among witnessing energetic shifts in yourself and others.
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  Relationship Healing Online Retreat
This retreat is a great opportunity to shine awareness into your partnership- what's running it, what's it made of how badly it sucks, the redeeming qualities of it but above all, to know that it is in an urgent need to caliberate to your dream to be happy and contented. The awareness-shifts that happen during this retreat  heal and strike the right  balance within you and consequently your relationship.
The lockdown has seen a spike in domestic violence. Couples are getting on each others nerves. All are rammed in a confines space...and it is showing what our relationships are made of.
There is nowhere to run any longer, but face the subterfuge energy that is running the show.  The semblance of a happy relationship is threatened because now there is no escape or respite from 'The Other'. You cannot go to work, shops, restaurants, holidays, cannot run. you are stuck with this person 24/7 and they are looking more like the enemy and root of all that has gone wrong in your life. The other is always the enemy....assuming the role of a  friend and a crutch, from time to time. Our relationships are needy and riddled with 'lack'. Two needy people come together and create more of that
 When two humans interact with subterfuge enrgy of rancour, blame distrust, agenda, mine-thine, being right, obstinate, fear...there is no room left for peace, settledness, contemtment.
A family is the only Real unit on the planet. every other unit such as community, society, world is part of imagination-they are there but only in a perception, whereas a family, a relationship is a real interaction-day in day out. if this interaction is a vision of hell, the whole world is that too.

This retreat will:

Bring into awareness and transform  the hidden components that keep dysfunctionality intact within your relationship
Transform subterfuge energy of lack into abundance. when you are SELF-sufficient, everything in your life reflects that.
Trigger important and key shifts within you, that usher in tangible sense of balance right through your life experience.
Your relationship, if it is less than perfect is only pointing out to you which way is perfection, freedom and flow.
its a major instigator for you to choose and head in the right direction to embrace happiness, peace, joy. Before any relationship can heal, your relationship with yourself must come right. People constantly  focus on the others, out there. Nothing changes. Freedom is intinsic and it happensfrom within. 
You are the key. Your relationship becomes playful, joyous and an expression of your inner freedom
 This online retreat is an invitation to you to reveal your authentic self
Its an invitation to invest in you
Your personal world comes right, the world out there also comes right
Happy person, one family at a time...
Give yourself or a loved one a gift of love