Get Started-Home Mastery Course

£ 250 

Is the recommended way to reap full benefits of Shaktipat. It also happens to be the most economical, long term option that gives you access to support by emails and Shaktipats. This course eventually takes you where: 
Outward seeking Stops- healers, psychics, guides etc - nothing outside of you holds power over you.  Your inner guidance lights up your way. "Appo deepo bhavo"- Buddha. "Be a light unto yourself"
Mastery of Emotions-You learn to access the constant peace at the very eye of the storm
Mastey of thoughts- Thoughts gradually stop running you. You learn to align your vibration to peace no matter what happens in the ever changing world
Mastery of Your Reality: Understand the nature of reality and Master it! Learn to be proactively engaged to create the reality that aligns with your dreams and vision and expanded consciousness.
Free support by Email: that supports the process of your expansion and retrain mind to align with SELF  
Access Personal Power(which is nothing but the divine presence itself). The infinte peace, power and joy that your SELF is becomes available to you 

Present Moment Takes Hold moment to moment without the baggage of past or expectation of the future
Effortlessly rooted in here and now.

Harmony and Peace  Master the art of creating and nurturing harmonious and joyous relationships within personal and social life and much more...       
Effortless Spiritual Growth-A lifetimes' worth spritual growth happens effortlessly. Surrender, gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, stablising in the present moment happen as a result of deep letting go of sense of separation from the source. Infact you find that journey is doing you. You are getting done 

Free Support by email. With this course you receive free Shaktipats and support by emails. There is no time limit for this course but if you stick with it, within months you get to the point where you are completely inner guided and unsinkable by any emotion, event or situation. 
price: £250


1 Shaktipat in person/over phone/skype

£ 80 

 In person or over the phone/Skype. 
Duration: 30-45 minutes.
In a typical session you speak about you and where you are at in your life. Ruby speaks about certain emotions/blocks etc that are perceived during the session.  That normally brings about shifts. If you need to talk, share or clarify certain issues, then that is done. At the end of the session you receive Shaktipat.
(After each Shaktipat, you rest  with closed eyes to absorb the energy of Shaktipat for about 20 minutes)



Family Shaktipat

£ 100 

Dysfunctional patterns in the family are released.  Love, understanding, trust and mutual respect is restored. Children and teenagers  soak up grace much quicker than adults. Shaktipat  provides a solid foundation to  an empowered life very early on. They are spared 'hit and trial' way of going through life. Learning the hard way does not have to be an option for your children.  Family Shaktipat can be the best thing you did for the welfare of your family 


Blessing for Pets

£ 30 

Ruby has a lot of animals wild and pets living around her. She noticed that the vibration of these animals has raised. They are so different to how they were when she first had them(They are all rescued animals). Grace has become active in their lives by being in the environment of grace.

Animals just saok up grace with an innocence that humans can be envious of. 

You can treat your animals to a beautiful blessing which will raise their vibration. Animals respond and intuitively know grace and they want to lap it up. They enjoy it so much.

They will certainly thank you for it



1 Day /weekend satsang

£ 200 

For those who have been on 5 day satsang vacation only

. Held at "Vorlan" Ruby's home - an idyllic, peaceful and  energy packed venue. One Day Retreats are bliss- filled with deep relaxation. Spending a day surrendered to the flow is helpful beyond belief.

What happens? A lot. Without doing a thing. It is a great un-learning. Falling back in pure space of your being.

 The normal shifts, expansion, healing etc are visibly accelerated during Satsang retreats.

These satsangs are not to be taken lightly. The energy here is not to aggrandize the persona  but of serious falling off of your stuff and knowledge. You begin to empty, so what you really are begins to reveal itself

Home cooked food and drinks included

Price: £200

or book for 2: £350