Q. So what is Divine Grace Shaktipat and how is this Shaktipat different from others on the internet?
A. Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word for  transmission of energy. It is not  a genre per se. Lots of people offer Shaktipat now a-days. I use this word because I was brought up with Sanskrit terminology.

But the vital question is -
First, have they completed their own journey? Do they know the  true nature of Self or they have  intellectual spiritual knowlege. That is, have they experienced it or have they acquired intellectual understanding about the Self... The two are two  different worlds. 
second,  has the Truth taken hold or was it just a short glimpse?
 If the Truth has been attained to  then it is just a spontaneous play of consciousness. Which reflects in this energy as it takes the receiver to their pure essence
So even if there are numerous shaktipat teachers, the quality will vary according to their own state


Q. Is it a kind of healing? Are you a healer?
A. Grace/kripa is more powerful than all effort. After opening to grace, healings etc and effort begin to feel inadequate and antiquated and even boring and tedious. Grace is a different state altogether. It is an effortless receiving of what is constantly being showered on you. Shaktipat opens you up to receive that which you constantly go on missing. Once you become available to divine grace the dynamics of your entire life change. All that needs to heal in your life heals spontaneously, be it physical, psychological, emotional, relationships, finances, family life. As grace washes over you, your living experience transforms from suffering to joy, from dysfunction to harmony from lack to fullness and so on.
Your life moves in the right direction. It is a different dynamic to working on yourself and self-developmet

Your consciousness expands - peace, joy,  forgiveness become your normal experience versus a constant effort to hold peace and joy. This journey is to take you beyond effort. People often report how effortless ease takes hold so quickly with Shaktipat.

Although I have trained as a healer/therapist  my essence is that of a transformationist.I had a very intimate peek into hesaling world and falls short I always knew and felt that healing is inadequate because it does not change your consciousness. It brings momentary relaxation but the base energy remains exactly the same. Your being needs to come together within, consciouness changes and as a result your reality changes. There is no need for patch work  of healings when grace transforms your entire being


Q. I have had a shaktipat, I am in a much better place, now?
A. Many people receive one or two shaktipats and their life transforms miraculously. Because the dysfunction disappears so quickly and a certain peace is accessed, they are likely to stop there. ''It feels so much better already, that will do''.  Mind is always looking to settle down. It feels in control that way. Shaktipat leads to the mastery of mind. Which is what mind fears most. So it may  try to retaliate and find a way to opt out. From my own experience that is the time to press on more steadfastly. To get most out of Shaktipat Opt for  'Mastery Course' it keeps your intent clear and focus entirely on your unfolding by keep pushing the boundaries.
Not only deos it make sure that you complete the journey.  It happens to be more economical. That is on purpose, so that you go beyond effort for once and for all. The consciousness expands, mind games fall away


Q. How long do I do this for?
A. It varies for different people due to myriad factors. Some get to a flow with in a few weeks some in a few months but nearly everyone gets there in a year.  It is safe to say that one should stick with it from 6-12 months for a rounded transformation
The whole idea is to commit to Shaktipat until you master emotions, thoughts and understand the nature of reality so it will not run you any more.
 The Home Study Mastery course is all you need to get to the point where you become resilient and unsinkable and nothing would keep you down for very long. It is designed to suit your personal requirements of how often you may need Shaktipats. You have access to unlimited number of Shaktipats. The book that accompanies this course, supports you and gives you structured guidance as your consciousness expands.
This course marks the end of your groping in dark trying to make sense of your life. It is like starting a new life without all the dysfunction in it.


Q. Why do you charge?
Why, shouldn't I charge? Why is money such a huge issue with you? It is nothing but energy. Give and take with open hands -it is an abundant flow that way. I happily donate to the masters who were helpful in completion of my journey. It is a healthy exchange of energy, that does us both good.
What is being offered is value for your money. When you seek the highest in life, the trivial follows by the sheer force of your commitment to the highest. I have happily spent money to progress on my quest. Infact the price of Home Study Mastery course (£250) is enough to master  the way you live and experience reality. It is end of dysfunction and blind seeking for answers and solutions to life issues
Usually people who stick with Shaktipat find that money takes care of itself. Concerns about charging are rooted in lack and by  those who have funny ideas that 'spiritual things should be free' or those who are window shopping and not really commited to knowing their Self
 The blessings that come with Divine Grace Shaktipat are beyond what money can buy.


Q.What to expect after a shaktipat?
A. Emotional releases tears, headaches, quarrels etc etc but normally most enter peace and find long standing issues dissolve on their own accord.


Q. But I am not a spiritual person...
A. Good, you are likely to do better than 'spiritual people' as most spiritual people know too much for their own good. They are too wrapped up in what they know, feel, sense, intuite etc etc. Kow too much fot their own good
The fewer spiritual concepts you entertain, the  speedier you progress.

Q. Why do you insist that I should stay away from working on myself and other healings?

A. Because you are pulling yourself in different directions if you continue to work on yourself with healings and techniques etc while receving Shaktipat. Grace is taking you beyond doer-ship. Your effort cannot take you to peace. What we are doing here is beyond self-development or spiritual-development practices. Grace transforms you, which does not need your effort - only your longing. The growth in spiritual and mundane realms(they are not two, anyway) takes place on its own accord. You just need to get out of your own way, tremendous progress happens that way.


Q. I am already on a spiritual path. I am doing fine, I don't need Shaktipat

A. Shaktipat helps most spiritually progressed ones to the next step too.

Is this the end of all seeking?

Real end of seeking/suffering only happens when you realize your SELF. The Mastery Course is an important step towards it.  Learning of mind-mechanism, its functionality, strategies and defenses etc. You feel more together within-which is the stepping sone to persuing Truth. You may find that you are pulled towards Truth more, as a result of this course. Grace keeps pushing you towards No-Mind. This course creates optimum conditions within you, so that the pull of truth becomes stronger and waking up from the dream becomes a natural course for you. A direct experience of truth awaits you but down the line..whenever you feel the pull