At the age of 4, she recognised the unadultrated desire of her soul to dissolve into the Whole so completely that not a spec of her personal self remained. Her entire life has been an expression of that desire

As a child and a teeanager she used to cry herself to sleep not because of sorrows of the world but pining for the divine. Little did she knew back then that in the deepest core of her own being resides the very presence she pines for.

She studied all she could to understand the mechanism of mind and ego. She got a degree in Psychology for the same reason. She studied Sikh,
Hindu, Buddhist, Zen, Tantra, Christian, Sufi, western philosophy, nothing was left unexplored.

 She took Osho sanyas in her twenties.  and had a brief but life-changing interaction with oshodhara which resulted in deepening of surrender.

Shortly after  Oshodhar innitiated her into Samadhi, healing flooded her life. she got trained to be a Reiki Master Teacher. Within months she went on to practice EFT and Omni etc etc. Consciousness wanted her to explore 'alternative spirituality'  up close and very intimately. Appreciating the folly of it and how it may seem to help, yet  ends up becoming a major 'hook' for both the practitioners as well as receivers on many many  levels.

The pining continued...  The real goal was to die as a separate I,  not to become more empowered, or expand the personal consciousness or become  a great healer. The 'marvels' of energy and healings were seen as mere side show. The goal  of dissolving as a separtion never left her sight.

So the pining went on... until she met her Guru Edward Muzika and with his grace and presence finally dissolved into the Whole.

All found -nothing owned, neither disowned.

"Hi Ruby
I just wanted to share an ahaaa moment with you - it helps
me to feel gratitude

I was feeling mentally pretty grotty yesterday, and instead of doing my ususal trying to avoid it with being busy, resisting and ensuring I felt worse... I stopped and relaxed, I tuned into the emotion.
Then I felt (not mentally understood, which I have been doing) me - the real me, the big me, and that the mind chatter was separate, and that the emotions were cells of energy vibrating from past expereinces, AND that this was not me!
 I was separate.  These 'things' were happening, but they were not the true me,  just the mind and passing emotions.  Great!  I love it!  Thank you.



 "I worked with various mediation & healing techniques in trying to know myself. Each felt great for a while & yet brought  ego & a bigger void. 3 years ago I was led to Ruby for Shaktipat. That transformed me & my journey  both in inner & the outer world, leading to a realisation of who I truly am. Which led to my constantly staying in bliss. Along the way it came so many cosmic/magical experiences but without really 'corrupting' me.... infact, in a way they helped dissolve my ego & helped me 'See'.
I thank Ruby with love, for lightening my life".     Chandeep, Sheffield